Ad(ded) Sense

I can hardly watch TV without constantly flipping channels. I suppose I am a child of the postmodern, or some Deleuzian symptom has got the best of me. In any case, one of my favorite past times has become flipping between Fox News and MSNBC. I have come to view both as theater at this point, and just because I lean left politically doesn't mean that I don't find the way things are presented on MSNBC to be equally absurd. Take last night for instance:

Fox- Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton bearing their souls on the right to free expression, Beck trying to liken Tea Partiers to Civil Rights Movement participants (in itself laughable). However, just as I'm shedding a tear and actually feeling as though these two men are on to something: commercial for adult onset ADHD ("Are you dumb?- take these pills!" - a recurring theme we shall find).

Flip back to MSNBC: in perfect juxtaposition, MSNBC is airing an ad for the New York Times weekender subscription! ("Are you very literate, and very cultured?- buy this!")

Back to Fox- effervescent hot tub ad with old lady moaning in delight in the tub- 'nuff said.

MSNBC- "Do you like bourgeois sports?- buy this satellite TV SOCCER package!"

Haha, at this point, let's take stock. We have one view enjoying his NY Times with soccer on in the background, and another soaking in a hot tub to relieve pain while popping attention pills to be less dumb.

back to Fox- boner pills- (what else?)

MSNBC- get your masters from so-and-so

This rounds out the picture nicely. Now back to the programing:

MSNBC- the greatness of Obama’s nuclear treaty, likening it to Reagan’s (a common MSNBC tactic: "Hey conservatives, you may hate Obama, but Obama is being like Reagan, so now you say you hate Reagan- you're hypocrites! Haha, we got you!")

Flip back to Fox: Beck has a blackboard out and says “anti-capitalist ‘world-wide workers’” “radicals” “Marxist” and “communists” and “in the white house” in one sentence. (Even better is Beck's delivery. He has a way of throwing his hands up and shrugging while jutting his lower lip out into your living room. "He's so earnest!")

MSNBC- Rupert Murdoch being trashed by Rachel Maddow and a pundit from the Huffington Post.

Fox- hands free cell phone device commercial- “Jupiter Jack”

MSNBC- Boo Tea Party!

All of this went on for half an hour. And originally I turned on the TV to hear some news about Kyrzgstan and see some images of revolt. Not mentioned once. (And yes, I checked CNN, they were busy outsourcing their news coverage to Twitter- cf. Jon Stewart on this issue).


  1. I can't get enough pills to help me dumb less.

  2. oh yeah, hard on pills too. goes perfectly with the whole "i'm on drugs" lifestyle i'm trying to cultivate in my fellows. as long as the drugs ain't from china or made from animals.